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We welcome you in our restaurant Chez Fonfon Marseille to come eat a Bouillabaisse or taste our fish specialties such as clay or grilled fish.
In each of our plates, we are what made the reputation of our institution: the authenticity and love of good products, fresh fish by our sharp, and brought directly (almost) sea into your plates.
Nestled in the heart of the valley of Auffes since 1952, Chez Fonfon is world renowned for its fish specialties and its famous Bouillabaisse. A warm welcome and tasty food, scents, tastes and colors. A hymn to the Mediterranean.


The Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse is a traditional Provençal dish made of fish, usually accompanied by croutons and rust.
A must for any visitor of Marseille, he became a symbol of the Marseillaise culture.

History of Bouillabaisse

“When it boils you lower” … the cooking fire course. This is the old Provencal expression we would name bouillabaisse.

In reality, bouillabaisse even dates back to the founding of Massalia by Greeks. Roman mythology also mentions the Venus would have done Vulcan eat to soothe and lull to reach Mars in discreetly.

Originally a popular dish. The return of toil, the fishermen of creeks between Marseille and Toulon boiled a pot in which they put the fish unsold or damaged stew concocted.

This soup fishing has been improved over time to become a real gourmet places today.

Bouillabaisse at Fonfon

Bouillabaisse was erected in Fonfon institution, it is for more than 50 years the reputation of our restaurant. Our broth is prepared with tomatoes and saffron, and 5 kinds of fish. It is served accompanied by croutons, rust and aioli.

At Fonfon, you will share a moment of conviviality around this traditional dish and gastronomic, in the enchanting valley of Auffes, one of the most beautiful places in the Phocaean City.

And Also …


Clay-baked fish

Baking in clay, directly on hot coals or in a hot oven is a perfect recipe for preserving the natural flavours of freshly caught fish. A fillet of olive oil and a few grains of aniseed are all that is needed for a perfect seasoning.

Grilled fish

Fresh off the line, sea bass, bream, sole, red mullet and an assortment of rock mullets are available simply grilled.

Our Recipes