Bouillabaisse Box by Chez Fonfon with a bottle “wine of country”

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Chez Fonfon’s traditional dish.

“We managed to prepare it for you in a jar so as to retain all its aromas. The same ingredients at the restaurant: scorpion fish, bright, conger, tomato, saffron … Accompanied by her sauces, rust, aioli, plus some croutons. You will have all the flavors of the valley of Auffes to your table.”




The box contains: 1 carton including: 1 pot of soup, Bouillabaisse 1 jar, 1 rusty pot, 1 pot of aioli, 1 bag of croutons, 1bottle wine “Vallon des Auffes”


broth: water, several varieties of fish (12%), vegetables (onions, leeks), tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil, salt, herbs and spices including saffron.

Filling: 38% fish (conger, lively, monkfish, scorpion fish), potatoes without coloring or preservatives.

Storage and Retention:

Store at room temperature and dry.

Expiration date :

13 months after the date of manufacture.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg